The Association provides Continuing Professional Development for its members. However, it not a course in the traditional sense.

The Association offers a certification program which assesses the qualifications of applicants (Canadian and International) as a Certified Forensic Investigator (CFI) or a Certified Forensic Technician (CFT) as a means of recognizing true professionals in the field of forensic investigation.

In order to receive the CFI certification, an applicant meet the necessary education and experience requirements and successfully complete a certification exam and a personal and professional background check. This involves following a three stage process. Please refer to the following link: Join the ACFI

In order to receive the CFT certification, the applicant must have completed an approved post secondary program and successfully complete the certification exam and a personal & professional background check. Currently, there are only two such programs. Please refer to the following links: Academic Programs & Courses

I purchased a ACFI Fraud Manual through my school bookstore and received a download key.  How do I get my copy of the Manual?

Go to https://www.acfi.ca/fraud‐manual.  Register by entering a username:

use your lastname-initial ie jones-j

Also enter your first and last name, city and province, post secondary institution and download key.

Once registered, your information will be reviewed and an email will be sent indicating that your download key has been activated.

If you enter and invalid password more than three times, you will be locked out for five minutes.

Your password must be at least 8 characters with at least one capital and one number.

Once logged in, you can choose a new password by:

  • Tapping on your name which takes you to your profile
  • Tapping on the gear  and select My Account
  • Tapping on the star which lets you change the password

If you still encounter difficulties, please send an email to info@acfi.ca and we will reset the password and provide you with a temporary password.

In the login section, tap on your name.  Select the “gear” box and then “My Account”

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