The Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator, Sixth Edition

By: David Debenham, LL.B., LL.M., MBA, CFI, CFE, CPA, CMA, ACIS, DIFA, MFAcc

An in-depth analysis of fraud as well as the latest tools and techniques

This book gives lawyers, accountants, internal auditors, and other investigators both an in-depth analysis of fraud, as well as the latest tools, techniques, and methods of handling internal or external fraud engagement. It will provide guidance in terms of documenting fraud, preparing evidence, conducting a fraud investigation, and acting as an expert consultant or expert witness in any eventual litigation or proceedings. It represents the latest thinking on each area of the process, written by a commercial litigation lawyer, trained as both a management accountant and forensic investigator, who has been involved in several prominent cases as the head of the fraud recovery team.

“The Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator is described as “the most comprehensive book on fraud, the law and investigation ever published” and there seems little reason to doubt it”

“…this book is a useful resource for the forensic investigation of fraud. Particularly helpful are the checklists, forms and precedents … Although it is intended for forensic investigators, it would be of benefit to anyone dealing with fraud investigations that are likely to go to trial. For those readers who are new to the subject, the book’s introduction provides a good overview by itself.”
Canadian Law Library Review” Vol 41 (2016) No. 2 pg 36 

ISBN: 978-0-7798-8953-2

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