The Canadian Legal System, 5th Edition

By: Gerald L. Gall, O.C.

Professor Gall has provided us with an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive overview of our legal system. The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.Chief Justice of Canada From the Foreword: This highly acclaimed introductory work covers all aspects of Canada’s legal system and its legal institutions. Beginning with the nature and sources of Canadian law, the author examines the constitutional division of legislative powers, and the impact of the Charter on legislative authority. Separate chapters detail the role and hierarchy of the courts, the role of judges and lawyers, and the principle of stare decisis in shaping judge-made law with a special chapter on the Quebec legal system. The 5th edition has been completely updated, including significant additions to the sections on military law, changes to the provincial court structure (i.e., simplified procedures, case management, and court reform), incorporation of formal and informal ADR, and key charter and constitutional jurisprudence that continues to shape the law in Canada.

ISBN: 0-459-24128-1

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