Research & Development Credits

These credits are granted for original works produced by a member. Credits for the development of a programme (seminar, conference, etc.), a fraud-related article or authoring a section of the ACFI Manual or a book can fall within this category.

CPD hours are granted for the time taken to develop the material and, in the event that the member presents his/her work within a classroom setting then credit hours are granted for the presentation of same to a maximum of 10 (ten) hours per annum.

Example Hours
Time expended to develop the course  189
Presenting the material during the year = 36 hours
Maximum hours allowable =
Total claimable hours: 199
For subsequent years: Hours
Time expended to develop the course 189 hours.
Maximum hours allowable =
Presenting material during the year = 56 hours. Allowable = 10
Total claimable hours: 10

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