Kroll Global Fraud Report 2012-2013

Sixth annual edition

Welcome to the sixth annual edition of Kroll’s Global Fraud Report, prepared in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

More than 800 senior executives were polled worldwide, from a broad range of industries.  The results highlight a changing fraud environment, and provide both heartening and sobering news for businesses around the world.

Key findings:

  • The biggest threat comes from within. 67% of all fraud cases are committed by insiders, up from 60% last year.  Fraudsters tend either to act alone or cooperate with peers rather than with members of other groups.
  • The battle against information theft, loss or attack remains a leading focus. Information theft remains the second most common fraud, hitting 21% of companies in the last year.
  • Concern about fraud is dropping faster than fraud itself.  Concerns about all frauds declined considerably this year. Findings suggest that many companies have become overconfident about their vulnerability to fraud.

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