“2022 Sneak Peaks”

Into the 24th Annual Fraud Conference Presentations

Monday – 3 October 2022
Track A Track B
1-1A&B “Sport Fraud: Sometimes It’s Not Just for the Money”
Richard Pound – Counsel (Retired), Stikeman Elliott – Member, International Olympic Committee
1-2A “Fraud in the Metaverse”
Varoujan Arman – Partner, Blaney McMurtry LLP
1-2B “Using the Power of Data in Fraud Detection & Investigations”
Dave Oswald – Owner, Forensic Restitution
1-3A “Breaking the Scam: Cross-Border Investigation & Recovery”
Michael Nowina – Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP 
Danielle Ferron – Partner, Langlois Lawyers
Rob Stelzer – Partner, Grant Thornton
1-3B “Public Sector Fraud & Legislated Audit Offices”
Jesse Dufour – Senior Audit Manager, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario
1-4A&B “How to Testify”
David Debenham – Counsel, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP
Nick Angellotti – President, Williams Meaden & Moore Inc.
Ivor Gottschalk – Partner, Williams Meaden & Moore Inc.
1-5A&B “Integrated Financial Crime Intelligence
David Stewart – Partner, Forensics, Financial Crime, Deloitte
1-6A “Wei v. Mei: Practical Tips for Foreign Judgment Enforcement in Canada”
Lauren Liang – Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
1-6B “Conducting Effective Internal Fraud or Wrongdoing Investigations”
Kas Rehman – Partner, KPMG LLP
1-7A “Financial Crime in Canada: Partnerships & Shared Priorities”
Cameron Field – Vice President, VIDOCQ Group 
1-7B “Occupational Fraud Update: Employers Defrauding Employees & Employees Defrauding Employers”
Athena Koros – Managing Director, Athena Koros, CPA, CMA
Charles Smedmor – Managing Director, Smedmor & Associates
1-8A “The Midnight Runner: Employer Protection Against Fraud by Employees & Departing Employees”
Richard Billington KC- Founder, Billington Barristers
1-8B Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) Overview
Tim Braovac – Official Receiver | Senior Bankruptcy Analyst, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
Zaeed Buksh – Senior Advisor, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
Tuesday – 4 October 2022
Track A Track B
2-1A “Credible & Incredible Witnesses: A View From the Bench”
David Debenham – Judge (Retired) from Kansas District Court
2-2A “Money Laundering – June 2021 Amendments”
Bruce Engel – Criminal Defence Lawyer, Engel & Associates
2-2B “The Influence of Tunnel Vision on Forensic Accounting Investigations”
Patricia Harris – Senior Investigator, CPA Ontario
2-3A “Neural Networks & AI – Advantage Fraudsters?”
Jerrard B Gaertner – President, Managed Analytic Services
2-3B “Cannabis Production Losses”
Terence Karacsony – Senior Manager/Vice President, MDD Forensic Accountants
Dave Robinson – Senior Manager / Vice President, MDD Forensic Accountants
2-4A “How a Forensic Document Examiner (FDE) Helps Fraud Investigations”
Meredith Dekalb-Miller – Forensic Document Examiner, Meredith DeKalb Miller & Associates
2-4B “Managing Fraud Within Insurance & Leveraging Analytical Investigative Platforms”
Sharleen Saldanha – Senior Manager, Forensics, Financial Crime and AML Practice, Deloitte
2-5A “Where There Is a Right, There Is a Remedy”
Michael Tweedie – Researcher, Author & Retired Barrister
2-6A “A View From the Other Side: Employee Rights in Workplace Investigations”
Kim Patenaude – Partner, RavenLaw LLP
2-6B “Cryptocurrency: The Balance Between Opportunity and Risks”
Marie-Chantal Dréau – Partner, Forensic Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Chris MacDonald – Managing Director, Cyber Forensic Investigations, Crypto Lead, Forensic Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
2-7A “CFPOA Investigations & Enforcement: A Whole New Ballgame?”
John Boscariol – Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
2-7B “Recovering Fraud Losses”
Joe Albert – Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Partner, Albert Gelman Inc.
2-8A “Fraud Fusion Center (FFC): A Synchronized Approach to Combat Fraud in Canadian Banks/Fintechs”
Khaled Shoeb – Ex Senior Advisor – Cyber Fraud, Laurentian Bank Financial Group
2-8B “Fraud and the Pandemic”
Jean-Charles Plante – Director, RSM Canada
Stephanie Greenwald – Partner, Litigation Support Services, RSM Canada
Wednesday – 5 October 2022
Track A Track B
3-1A “Forensic Accounting, Audit Provisions & Construction Contracts: Inflation, Supply Chain Disruptions, & the COVID-19 Hangover in 2022”
Andrew Heal – Partner, Heal & Co LLP
3-1B “Forensics in the Future”
Julie Fawcett – Lead-Forensic AML, Flow Traders – Amsterdam (EU)
3-2A “Current State of Digital Investigation & Digital Evidence”
Kevin Lo – Managing Director, Digital Forensics, Froese Forensic
3-2B “Prevention of Money Laundering in Canadian Real Estate: The Adequacy of Legislation and Enforcement”
Fred Watkin – Managing Director, Pinnacle CPAs Professional Corporation
3-3A “Managing Bribery & Corruption Risk”
Rob Fowlie – Partner, MNP
Karen Ng – Manager, Forensics & Litigation Support, MNP

3-3B “The Psychology of Fraud”
Jeffrey Gilbert – Executive Director Investigations and Strategic Projects, Office of the Auditor General Manitoba

3-4A “An Evidence-Based Approach (“EBA”) To Expert Witnesses in Canada: Conceptualization to Effective Practical Implementation”
Jack Blackier – Partner, Cox & Palmer
3-4B “The Effectiveness of Emergencies Act Measures Involving Financial Services Cessation and Seizure”
Matt McGuire – Co-Founder & Practice Leader, The AML Shop
3-5A “When ‘I Didn’t Know’ Is No Defence: Fraudsters, Parties, and Dupes in Professional Regulation”
Daniel Goldbloom – Barrister and Solicitor, Goldbloom Law
3-5B “Tackling Cyber Fraud: A Team Sport”
Chetan Sehgal – Partner, BDO Canada LLP
Rob Philpotts – Director, Cyber Threat Mgmt & Response, BDO Canada LLP
3-6A “Responding to a Mareva – the Recovery of Donor Funds in the Canadian Freedom Trucker Convoy Litigation”
Norman Groot – Director/Lawyer, Investigation Counsel PC