What’s New….2019-12-19

ACFI 22nd Annual Conference
Toronto, ON

Our ACFI 2020 Annual Conference will be held 25-26 May 2020.

Stay tuned as the slate of speakers will be announced in early December.

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Lastest Article – “Why the Criminal Process is Secondary in Fraud Recovery – Part I”

Norman Groot, Investigation Counsel PC

Criminal Search Rights Override Victim Recovery Rights 

…..a recently published decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, R. v. TM, 2019 ONSC 2408,which once again demonstrates why fraud victims are, in most cases, well advised to withhold making a criminal case in fraud cases at least until such time as there is no reasonable prospect of recovery. 

Fraud victims need to understand that the Canadian criminal justice system, in its application of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, does not put the interests of victims ahead of rogues. The interests of victims are subordinate to the Charter rights of rogues, such as a right to unreasonable searches by police and others involved in the criminal justice system, and right to a trial in the criminal system in a reasonable time. What is “reasonable” and “unreasonable” is the subject of endless litigation, such as depicted in the TM case as described below. …More