What’s New….2019-11-06

Call for Speakers – 22nd ACFI Conference
Toronto, ON

We are looking for speakers for our 2020 ACFI Annual Conference which will be held 25-26 May 2020. Our members are always seeking to enhance their professional knowledge through their continuing professional education. They seek new ideas and cutting edge subject matter presented in a creative and engaging manner.

If you would like to increase your visibility within the ACFI community and receive a complimentary registration to the conference, please provide a title and an abstract for your proposed presentation that demonstrates its intent concisely, along with a short bio to events@acfi.ca

See 2019 Conference Brochure 

Lastest Article – “Fraud Psychology and the Forensic Process”

David Debenham, C.P.A., C.M.A. (Co-Chair of the Fraud Law Group, McMillan LLP)

It is important to parse the forensic process to understand how it works, and where problems can occur.   Consider any fact situation.  There is:

  1. The actual event (what happened)
  2. The perception of the event (how participants perceived what happened)
  3. The recapitulation of the event (how the event is recounted)
  4. The consensus view of the event (how the event is recorded for posterity).

The actual event is easy enough.  This is what actually happened without any observation or analysis being required. However, … More

ACFE Offers Member Pricing to ACFI Members for Upcoming 2 Day Workshop

The Toronto Chapter of the ACFE has offered ACFI members discount pricing for their upcoming “Financial Statement Fraud – Understanding and Investigation Fraud Perpetrated by Management” – 17-18 Sep 2019. … More