What’s New….2020-02-18

We Have Two More Fellows in Our Midst….

Congratulations to the following two CFIs who were were selected by CPA Ontario to become an FCPA. A very high honour indeed!

Nicholas Angellotti, FCPA, FCA, CFI
David Debenham, FCPA, FCMA, CFI

Our Newest Certified Forensic Technician (CFT)

Congratulations to Sandra Fowler, a recent graduate of Algonquin College’s Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations Graduate Certificate Program and an ACFI Affiliate, successfully completed Certification Exam and met all of the requirements for certification. She owns a Forensic Accounting practice in St John’s NL. It is great pleasure to have Sandra now join us as a Certified Member.

Lastest Article – “Why the Criminal Process is Secondary in Fraud Recovery – Part II”

Norman Groot, Investigation Counsel PC

Criminal Funding Rights Override Victim Mareva Recovery Rights  

…..does not put the interests of victims ahead of rogues. R. v. Jordan followed the staying of over 47,000 charges in Ontario alone subsequent to the R. v. Askov decision. Based on these decisions, it should be obvious to fraud victims that resorting to the criminal justice system for a restitution order is high risk and should be considered when recovery is not otherwise foreseeable. 

The problem with Charter litigation is that the remedies the Courts have designed to respond to violations of an accused’s Charter rights are unbalanced and have a lack of meaningful regard to the countervailing interests of the accused’s victim. In the case of Curley v. Taafe, 2019 ONCA 368, the Court stated: “Criminal prosecutions are not brought for the benefit of the prosecutor or the complainant, but for the common welfare of society”. What is beneficial for the “welfare of society”…More

ACFI 22nd Annual Conference
Toronto, ON

Our ACFI 2020 Annual Conference will be held 25-26 May 2020 with a post conference workshop to be held the morning of the 27 May 2020.

With the lineup of great speakers now finalized, look for our new brochure sometime in late January. As you notice, the conference is a month later this year and we have moved the workshop to post-conference rather than pre-conference. If you would like to volunteer to assist in organizing the conference, please email info@acfi.ca. “Many hands make light work”.

See 2019 Conference Brochure